Antwerp Symphony gives wings to Van Hove’s Symphony IV

Sometimes you can hear from the first bar whether the collaboration between conductor, orchestra and composer is right. This rarity occurred at the premiere of Luc Van Hove’s Symphony IV, where the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Elim Chan, showed how energy, pride and pleasure can result in a gripping musical story. On paper, theContinue reading “Antwerp Symphony gives wings to Van Hove’s Symphony IV”

Jan Michiels revives Marcel Proust musically

Marcel Proust’s iconic chronicle A la recherche du temps perdu has been given a contemporary interpretation in a beautifully crafted recital by pianist Jan Michiels, complemented by live electronics (Juan Parra) and video art (Lise Bruyneel). The concert, last Saturday in De Singel in Antwerp, was announced as a cathedral of piano music, partly toContinue reading “Jan Michiels revives Marcel Proust musically”

André Laporte: colourful, curious and involved

The éminence grise of contemporary Belgian music is celebrating his birthday This November , the Flemish branch of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) was celebrating the 90th birthday of its honorary member André Laporte. Composer, musicologist, teacher and philosopher Laporte, tireless promoter of contemporary Belgian music, is clearly in the mood. Time forContinue reading “André Laporte: colourful, curious and involved”