Erik Satie: the mysterious irony of an outsider

door Wynold Verweij Of French composer Erik Satie, much is gradually becoming known but still little understood. The theme day Satie s’amuse , which Festival 20.21 dedicated to him last Sunday, showed that he himself did not want much else, it was the core of his marketing strategy. The programmers had chosen his lesser-known works,Continue reading “Erik Satie: the mysterious irony of an outsider”

Festival 20·21 en Transit willen oren en geest openzetten

Festival 20•21 en Transit, het jaarlijkse twee-in-één muziekfeest van de 20e en 21e eeuw, hebben dit jaar gekozen voor diversiteit en verrijking van de muzikale smaak met vooral Vlaamse musici. Het motto luidt “open geest, open oren”.   De centrale figuur in Festival 20•21  is pianist Jan Michiels. Hij is een oude bekende van hetContinue reading “Festival 20·21 en Transit willen oren en geest openzetten”

The secret lyrical life of the double bass

Viennese musician Dominik Wagner surprises with the CD Chapters, entirely dedicated to the giant among string instruments – the double bass. Together with pianist Lauma Skride, he presents a choice of 14 tantalising pieces, ranging from Schubert and Ravel, through Fauré and Boulanger to Richter, Glass and, yes, Charles Chaplin. In the symphony orchestra, theContinue reading “The secret lyrical life of the double bass”

Music as ritual through the ages

The annual Festival 20.21 kicked off last Monday in Leuven (Belgium) with a tribute to the way Johann Sebastian Bach developed the musical idiom. In the opening concert BACHC®AB, his Musikalisches Opfer was the thread along which the interweaving of past and present was spun. The name of the concert is a play on wordsContinue reading “Music as ritual through the ages”

A winter walk in the musical labyrinth of Luciano Berio

Luciano Berio, the Italian omnivore who, through his compositions, was constantly entering into discussion with musical culture, is the subject of a joint project by music centre De Bijloke Gent and MATRIX [Centre for New Music]. With the Berio 360° project, De Bijloke is bringing a selection of his works to the concert stage, andContinue reading “A winter walk in the musical labyrinth of Luciano Berio”