A winter walk in the musical labyrinth of Luciano Berio

Luciano Berio, the Italian omnivore who, through his compositions, was constantly entering into discussion with musical culture, is the subject of a joint project by music centre De Bijloke Gent and MATRIX [Centre for New Music]. With the Berio 360° project, De Bijloke is bringing a selection of his works to the concert stage, andContinue reading “A winter walk in the musical labyrinth of Luciano Berio”

The infinite melody of the number Pi

Anyone looking for the squaring of the circle often ends up in poetry. Or in music, such as Squaring the Circle by Heleen Van Haegenborgh, which premiered last Saturday at Zindering, the festival around the sound of silence in Mechelen, Belgium. The performance was in the hands of the percussion ensemble GAME. The piece forContinue reading “The infinite melody of the number Pi”

Heleen Van Haegenborgh and the musicality of the number Pi

A conversation about nylon wire, percussionists and controlled freedom Heleen Van Haegenborgh is a composer, pianist, improviser and performer. She does not allow herself to be trapped in specific disciplines or musical genres. She collaborates with visual artists, theatre and film makers. For ZINDERING, a festival in the framework of sweltering silence that starts thisContinue reading “Heleen Van Haegenborgh and the musicality of the number Pi”

The Lonely Planet of contemporary music

“A small history of music from here and now” aims to guide the curious music lover through the worlds of contemporary music. The book highlights the most important movements up to the present day. Moreover, a strict format has been chosen so that not only the hesitant beginner is relieved of his cold feet, butContinue reading “The Lonely Planet of contemporary music”

The slow hands of Jan Michiels

Transit 2021 honours the piano as a spiritual medium Slowly, after the last stanza by Osvaldo Coluccino, Jan Michiels’ hands slide from the keys to the edge of the keyboard. They form fists that rest on his knees. It is finished, silence and repentance have been stretched to the limit. The recital has ended, nowContinue reading “The slow hands of Jan Michiels”

André Laporte: colourful, curious and involved

The éminence grise of contemporary Belgian music is celebrating his birthday This November , the Flemish branch of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) was celebrating the 90th birthday of its honorary member André Laporte. Composer, musicologist, teacher and philosopher Laporte, tireless promoter of contemporary Belgian music, is clearly in the mood. Time forContinue reading “André Laporte: colourful, curious and involved”

From half-god to the homeless and back again: Julius Eastman rediscovered

Classical music is full of mavericks, but the American composer, pianist, singer and choreographer Julius Eastman still holds the world record. With a new recording of his work Femenine, he takes a decisive step towards definitive recognition. By Wynold Verweij Julius Eastman (1940 – 1990) was predestined to tread the classical paths with elegance andContinue reading “From half-god to the homeless and back again: Julius Eastman rediscovered”

Feldman’s sparkling harmonies by Het Collectief

Last Sunday, a few dozen listeners gave themselves over to Morton Feldman’s trio For Philip Guston for over four hours. With an unlikely degree of concentration, the three musicians of Het Collectief were able to convey a sense of adventure and freshness as if every note were new. By Wynold Verweij One of the characteristicsContinue reading “Feldman’s sparkling harmonies by Het Collectief”

“Shostakovich captivates as a person and as a musician”

Dmitri Shostakovich (1906 – 1975) is a richly varied, fascinating composer. He lived and worked in structural uncertainty, struggled with mixed and unpredictable reactions from public and government, but remained in Russia against all odds. And above all he was a human being with a warm family and inspiring friendships. Festival 20∙21, which starts onContinue reading ““Shostakovich captivates as a person and as a musician””