Religious and poetic work by Stefaan Vanheertum

Ghent composer Stefaan Vanheertum has just released his new CD Suoni Celesti. The CD contains choral works he wrote between 2014 and 2021. The collection is the result of a concert that took place last September. Suoni Celesti (heavenly sounds) consists of religious and liturgical works and pieces based on poems by Rainer Maria Rilke,Continue reading “Religious and poetic work by Stefaan Vanheertum”

Karel Goeyvaerts: the amiable innovator

This week we remember composer Karel Goyvaerts who unexpectedly died thirty years ago. He was a pioneer in many fields: integral serial music, electronics and minimal music. He is known as a hard-working and committed musician, who could easily have entered history with a little less modesty. Karel Goeyvaerts (1923 – 1993) studied piano, harmony,Continue reading “Karel Goeyvaerts: the amiable innovator”